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Harvest of summer root vegetables begins.

WaTom’s farm grows colorful summer root crops. Among them, harvesting began with white mini carrots and swirly beads.

Also mini colorful radish began harvesting.

Please enjoy the summer colorful root vegetables of WaTom.

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On our farm endive harvest will begin

The endive becomes beautiful and we start harvesting from this month.

Because this vegetable has a short cultivation period, you should make an early order.

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WaTom’s summer vegetable season begins

n our farm this year we grow many kinds of summer vegetables.

Magical tomato, purple cauliflower, big kohlrabi, unusual form of zucchini

Magical tomato starts harvesting for the first time today.

They are still irregular in size and shape because of the initial stage, but will stabilize in the future.

The […]

The zucchini harvest starts on our farm

Summer vegetable season began. Zucchini started harvesting first.

Besides popular green and yellow, these types are abundant, there are stars, round shapes, crookneck shapes.

The characteristics of zucchini we grow are: · Fresh and juicy · Skin is thin and soft · There is no seed

These became very delicious.

Salad […]

This year also artichokes harvest has started.

The start of harvesting will be a little earlier than usual.

It will last for about a month.

Characteristics of artichokes cultivated by us are many colorful and rare forms.

These are precious vegetables for now. Everyone, please try challenging cooking.

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Assorted WaTom’s vegetables

The season of winter europe vegetables has approached the end. When spring comes, vegetables such as Kale, Reef chicory and cabbage blossom all at once. They store nutrition in the leaves until just before they can bud.

At this time the vegetables are the most beautiful. I made a Assorted baskets with this beautiful […]

Puntarella tells us that spring has come.

The season for harvesting of Puntarella started this year as well.

It is of good quality, the stems are finely divided from the stock’s stock in many.

The pale green color is juicy with less bitterness.

Everyone please feel the spring by eating Puntarella.

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Frill Kale is a healthy vegetable.

Since we began agriculture, we have cultivated Frill Kale.

This vegetable is strongly popular in the USA, Hawaii, Europe, Australia and elsewhere.

The reason is that it is rich in nutrition and tasty. In Japan, however, people’s popularity is low.

Recently, restaurants and health-conscious people eat it.

We also eat Frill Kale […]

“Puntarelle” teaches that the spring season is coming soon.

We harvested European vegetables Puntarelle on our farm. This year is also good quality.

The taste of this vegetable is characterized by faint bitterness and good texture.

Although you may think of traditional Italian cooking methods, The recommended cooking method is Wasyoku. We enjoyed at tenpura and aemono.

Please challenge Wasyoku for […]

Let’s enjoy with colorful vegetable salad !

It has been snowing heavily since yesterday. The temperature was low and it was -3 ℃ in the evening.

However, the vegetables inside the cultivation facility are fine.

I enjoyed dinner by making salad with colorful vegetables. Cooking becomes beautiful with WaTom vegetables.

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