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Shipping of “Dinosaur’s egg” has started.

This big melon has become delicious again this year.

Ideal for gifts of “Ochugen” with Magical Tomato.

We are accepting applications from everyone.

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Growth of Dinosaur’s egg is going well.

It is only our farm that cultivates dinosaur eggs in Japan. This is a very big melon.

The characteristic of this melon is very delicious with sweet and comfortable texture. Harvest will be about two weeks later. Please experience this taste.

I sell it by WaTom web shop. ⇒ ※

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“Dinosaur’s egg” is a sweet melon with a new texture.

Its characteristics are: Size is large, pleasant chewy texture And, the sugar content is high and it is very sweet. In Japan, it is very rare melon which only we cultivate. For eating, cut it and eat it as it is.

Eating is good, so even if you cook it is delicious.

Melon […]

Harvest of “Dinosaur’s Egg” began.

The harvest of “Dinosaur’s Egg” began on our farm.

It is an original crop of WaTom and it is a gigantic melon. The characteristic of that melon is … · The shape is oval and it looks like an egg. · The weight is 2.6 kg or more, the big one reaches 4 […]

The harvest time of “Dinosaurs egg Ⓡ” has come close.

This is a huge melon of WaTom original which grew big this year.

People who get this melon will be amazed by the size and taste of it. It is now the final stage to raise the sugar content.

Currently, we accept reservations for “Dinosaurs egg Ⓡ” best suited for summer gifts. ⇒ […]

Shipment of dinosaur’s eggs began.

Dinosaur’s eggs began to harvest in late June. This year is a record high of workmanship. Size is very large, good texture, it was sweet.

It requires a ripening, after two weeks of color skin to turn yellow. If yellow be eaten.

Dinosaur’s eggs is our original. In Japan, only it is growing.


Cultivation situation of “dinosaur’s egg Ⓡ”Melon

Dinosaur’s egg melons have been grown steadily.

The Melon’s weight becomes about 3 kg and its skin has covered with net. Harvest is scheduled for two weeks after.

Dinosaur’s eggs have been accepting the current reservation. Please click the following URL orders and queries.

・Mitsukoshi Isetan mail order:⇒※ ・WaTom web shop:⇒※



Reservation of Dinosaur’s eggs has been began in Mitsukoshi online

This reservation has been started in Mitsukoshi Isetan mail order “delicious communication 2016 Summer”.

It was considered that it would be impossible to grow this type of melon in Japan because the climate is completely different between Middle Asia and Japan. As we have challenged to grow the melon nearly 10 years, we have […]

Cultivation of melon “dinosaur’s egg” in this year

The cultivation of huge melons “dinosaur eggs” has been already started in this year.

Melon’s seedlings have been grown enough to be pollinated as two months passed when seeded. There are several female flowers yesterday and we started pollinating the tiny beautiful flowers.

Cultivation of the “dinosaur eggs” is one of the most […]


北陸3県の  福井放送  テレビ金沢  北日本放送で  恐竜のたまごⓇが紹介されました。  1分30秒と、短い時間でしたが  解りやすくまとめられ  美味しさや楽しさが伝わる内容でした。   ・ティラノサウルスのたまご ・トリケラトプスのたまご ・プテラノドンのたまご  3種とも、ちょうど収穫が始まったばかりの  最良のタイミングで取材をして頂き  全てがロケ画像で大満足でした。  FBC伊藤未奈アナウンサー様  ありがとうございました。 この日の朝、  取材で使った  ティラノサウルスのたまごを  ジュースにして頂きました。  メロンの良い香りで  甘くトロッとしていて  とても美味しい。  楽しさも  味も  今が旬の恐竜のたまごⓇを  お召し上がりください。 ※↓WaTom商品のご予約・ご注文はこちらから※