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Cultivation and harvest situation 2018.11.20

On our farm we are harvesting many kinds of vegetables.

The season changes from autumn to winter,
vegetables become beautiful colors.

Please click on the picture and watch the video.(↑)

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The 6th Youth Dream Bus Tour Fukui Edition

The chefs in Ishikawa prefecture came to WaTom.

They observed the vegetables we are cultivating and asked various questions.

We had a welcome party after the farm tour.
The chefs had a good time while tasting the vegetables of WaTom.

Ishikawa restaurant “Preeminence” Kawamoto Chef ,

Sakashita chef of “Les Queues” restaurant in Fukui ,

everyone who participated ,

staff of Fukui prefecture,

thank you.

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Vegetables to harvest from 2018-2019 autumn to winter are growing steadily

This year we grow many kinds of vegetables on our farm.

The vegetables become beautiful when it gets cold,
it becomes very tasty.

Today I introduce the vegetables that harvesting began
at the beginning with a movie.

You can click on the picture and watch youtube.

(In the movie there are before harvest, please contact us)

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Harvest of colorful radish began.

On our farm in this year we grow colorful radish.

These radishes are harvested in a small size that is easy to use.

We are sure that chefs will make beautiful dishes with these.


The harvest of magical tomatoes of the last cultivation this year peaked on the farm.

I think that this year’s harvest will end earlier than usual.

Tomato slowly matures as it has become a low temperature season.

They are very sweet, producing many sugar components.

We are harvesting the most delicious tomato in the year.

Please experience the wonderful taste of Watom ‘s magical tomato.

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The harvest of grapes begins.

On our farm we grow many kinds of grapes.

Their colors are red, black, green and colorful,

and this year they became very sweet and delicious.

Now, take WaTom’s “Dinosaur’s Grape”.

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Color Tomato Collection

A very hot day continues every day in our country.

On a hot day, I feel cold tomatoes are very tasty.

WaTom color tomato is very colorful and beautiful.

Let’s get over the summer with WaTom’s Color Tomato Collection !

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Shipping of “Dinosaur’s egg” has started.

This big melon has become delicious again this year.

Ideal for gifts of “Ochugen” with Magical Tomato.

We are accepting applications from everyone.

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Began harvesting “Color Tomato Collection”.

On our farm, this year we also grow various tomatoes.

Color version is Orange ・ Yellow ・ Green ・ Pink ・ White ・ Chocolate etc.

They are also unique in size and shape. It will decorate cooking fun and beautifully.

Please enjoy cooking at WaTom’s “Color Tomato Collection”.

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The harvest of magical tomato has reached its peak.

This year’s tomato is very delicious.

The reason is that the temperature in June was lower than usual.
The period of ripening became longer, the fruit stocked plenty of sugar.

There was a rare, cute rabbit shape.

Please eat red juicy magical tomato.It will make you feel happy.

Harvest lasts until November.

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