Tomatoes can be gentle like this when released from stress.

We felt doubt about the fashion of tomato cultivation which gives extreme stress in recent years and tried and found it repeatedly in search of proprietary cultivation method.

As a result, we succeeded in maximizing the natural sweetness that tomato has inherently.

Even though it is firmly sweet, it makes you feel gentle.

Do not you agree that there may be such tomatoes?

why so delicious?

Why are WaTom's tomatoes so delicious?

The reason why so delicious?

(1)Because it is a sandy field with good drainage

Shirakata district, Fukui-city, where Watom field located is a sand dune area. This sandy field with good drainage and the differences between high temperature and low temperature in a day make tomatoes delicious.

(2)Because fertilizer is mainly organic

The proportion of organic fertilizer is actually more than 70%. Organic fertilizers such as rice bran, rapeseed oil cake produce various elements such as lactic acid bacteria and make the tomato more tasty.

(3)Because it is ripe harvest

Medium sized Tomatoes can be harvested fully ripened. Every crop is so, but tomatoes harvested with fully ripened are particularly special.


(4)Because it is stressed free!

Stress-free cultivation to maximize the original sweetness possessed by tomato without giving stress unreasonably to raise the sugar content. It is exactly healing tomato.

Perfect ideal for gifts and home use

Would you like to send delicious tomatoes to important people and familiar people?

♣ Magical tomato in the Dressing box

【ideal for gift】approx.1.5kg

Magical tomato in the dressing box


♣ Magical tomato for 6 bags

【Ideal for home use】reasonable and unselected, approx.300g each bag

Magical tomato for 6 bags


♣ 【Semi-Dried】Magical Tomato 5 bags

It tightly condenses the taste.
 approx.50g each bag

【Semi-Dried】Magical tomato for 5 bags