Amazing Gazpacho


Red , Green, Yellow, Pink and Brown.

Shaking the magic wand once with 5 different color tomatoes.

Then, appeared "" cold tomato soup.

A secret taste that only people who tasted knows.

It is exactly amazing "Gazpacho".

Five Magic

Until now, we has cultivated so many kinds of colored tomatoes.

Amazing Gazpacho is made from among them, adding magic flavor to five distinctive colors.

Seasoning raw fresh tomato with natural herbs and spices and deliver it as frozen after heat treatment, so you can enjoy the original fragrances of tomato without losing it.

Chili Red "The Passionate"

The flavor of red tomatoes and hot spicy chili...

The spicyness which slightly stimulates your tongue
makes you feel authentic Spanish passion.

Basil Green "The Sea breeze"

Bazil's flavor and sourness of green tomato richly spread in your mouth...

It sounds like an ocean breeze beside the blue and beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Lemon Yellow "The Sun light"

Sour taste of lemon and yellow tomato is refreshing...

A dazzling refreshment makes you feel the light of sun going down in Spain.

Peach  Pink "The fleeting dream"

Sweetness of peach first, then flavor of tomato spreads afterwards. Changing the taste is mysterious.

It is the taste that drifts in a fleeting dream.

Chocolat Brown "The noble"

Sweetness of elegant chocolate, but aftertaste is tomato. The compatibility of the two tastes is attractive.

It seems that a dignified dinner will be begun filled with elegance.

dressing with olive oil

EV olive oil, vinegar and salt pepper can be arranged in tomato flavored dressing.

a cocktail-styled drink with cold soda water

A slightly different cocktail-styled drink is ready.


♣ Amazing Gazpacho

【ProductName:Amazing Gazpacho】
(1)Chili Red(2)Bazil Green(3)Lemon Yellow(4)Peach Pink(5)Chocolat Brown

Inner capacity:140g(ideal for 2 peaple:1 bag for each color)

Note:Keep frozen, Delivered as frozen.

How to eat:Please enjoy immediately after thawing.

Amazing Gazpacho