Dinosaur's Egg®


What is Dinosaur's Egg®?

"Dinosaur's Egg®" is a melon, shaped like an egg, characterized by an elegant sweetness and a refreshing scent.

The flesh is a light orange (red meat), and sharp texture, like a watermelon, is attractive.

It is famous as "Hami Melon" of specialty in Xinjiang region of China.

It is cultivated in desert areas such as Central Asia, and it is also called "Uzbekistan Melon".

It is said to be "the world's most tastiest melon", but in Japan, it is a phantom melon that is rarely cultivated.


Watermelon + Melon = "Dinosaur's Egg®"!?

The distinctive crisp texture is the biggest feature. a watermelon!?

The weight is aprox. 2 Kg, the sugar content is about 12 degrees sweet, and the texture is crisp like a watermelon.

It is a melon of a completely new sense that has never existed in Japan.

3 - 5 weeks of ripening

The ripening time is from 3 weeks to 5 weeks, which is longer than usual melon.

It is said that a long time ago, a caravan fleet coming and going through the Silk Road was using this long-lasting melon for the hydration of the road.

Unique box directing excitement

the box is also unique because it is a phantom melon.

【Point 1】

When opening the box from the perforation in the center (① opening), melons appeared as if dinosaurs were excavated from the excavation site.


【Point 2】

A cushioning material is a biodegradable cushioning material using maize as a main raw material.

It is an ecological material that returns to the earth if it fills abd no toxic gas is generated even if it burns.

♣ Dinosaur's Egg®