Colored Tomato Collection


Various tomatoes

It is said that there are more than 8,000 species of Tomato varieties in the world.

Large-sized, Medium-sized, Mini-sized, and Micro-sized,
Different colors and different tastes...

A wide variety of tomatoes have come at the table.


Like a treasure box

That is what WaTom's Colored Tomato Collection

Would you like to eat and compare all of them?

We packed various tomatoes in one treasure box to make your wishes come true.

That is our  Colored Tomato Collection.

It is a symphony of each tomato selected by WaTom.

Green, Yellow, Pink, white, Brown, Zebra, Peach...

Are not you happy if you have such colorful tomatoes in one treasure box?

Suitable for gift and home use!

Would you like to present such a unique jewelry box for important people and familiar people?

♣ Colored Tomato Collection

【ideal for gift】a treasure box with various colors and size of tomatoes.

Colored Tomato Collection