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French restaurant ” Pierre Gagnaire “, Japanese restaurant ” Nogizaka Shin ” was visited.

Both stores are Michelin guide 2017, a famous star with a star,

They came to Fukui by searching for ingredients and visited WaTom.

Unfortunately the weather was cold. But they were eagerly watching WaTom vegetables. And I was able to talk a lot about various things.

“Pierre Gagnaire” ⇒ ※

“Nogizaka Shin” […]

Michelin guide 1 star restaurant Chef of Tokyo Suzunari visited Watom’s farm.

Suzunari is a Japanese style restaurant.

The Murata chef saw many kinds of vegetables interestingly, and asked me a lot of questions. What kind of taste does this vegetable have? What is the best cooking method for this vegetable?

After the visit, we did hospitality with cooking cooked with WaTom vegetables.


We had a party “Watom农场招待 2017年10月6日” with overseas guests.

Guests came to Japan for sightseeing trips from company in Dalian, China.

They visited our farm on the last day of the trip.

We held a welcome party with gratitude. When I saw the customers’ joy and laughing face, we were very happy. Thank you everyone.

Web shop […]

October 1 We held harvest festival with sweet potato seedling owners.

They planted seedlings in June but the condition was bad this year due to the hot summer heat etc.

I managed to get the harvest somehow with your understanding and warmingness.I was worried about growing sweet potatoes but they were enjoying everyone with a smile. (Some people digging hard for it …)

After […]

WaTom was introduced by monthly “fu”.

Fukui newspaper monthly information magazine “fu” September 2017 issue is published today. The title of this special feature article is “With love from the farm”. A lot of WaTom’s vegetables are introduced on the page.

The reporter searched for fun vegetables and delicious vegetables,  visited farmers in Fukui prefecture and interviewed.

We cover […]

Michelin Guide Food Festival 2017 in Yokohama


Michelin Guide Food Festival 2017 in Yokohama, A courtesy visit to “Pizzeria Parentesi” !

It is being held at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse from August 17th to 20th 【Michelin Guide Food Festival 2017 in Yokohama】.

We asked greetings to Pizzeria Paren Tessi and Reach stock, which is open.

Too many customers […]

WaTom’s website has been renewed.

This new homepage is It supports display on smartphones and tablet terminals. In addition, English display is also supported by selecting “EN” on the upper right.

On this new homepage Next WaTom related page can be seen.

· Yahoo! shopping WaTom shop · WaTom’s blog · WaTom’s facebook · WaTom’s instagram · WaTom’s kitchen […]


On November 12 and 13rd, we participated in “FUKUI FARMER’S MARKET” in Hamamachi, Fukui city. This market was held for the third time this time.

The place is a new sightseeing spot located about 1 km west of Fukui Station. Here is “Fukui City Griffith Memorial Hall” and “Kuri-ya”. We did a market at […]

Member of Gastronomy visited WaTom farm

14 top leading chefs, all categories such as Japanese, French and other cuisine, who are belong to the Gastronomy club in Fukui prefecture, visited WaTom farm on 31st of October.

The tour was organized by Fukui prefectural governor, aiming to increase the “brand strength” of vegetables in Fukui and to raise awareness of vegetables […]

It held a harvest festival of our farm.

We made a harvest festival became annual every year. The contents of the harvest festival promotion, First, to the harvest experience of sweet potato in all Then, making have the food in all the participants, was the dinner of the cuisine.