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Gault&Millau guide Hokuriku2018

【Gault&Millau guide Hokuriku2018】 ゴ・エ・ミヨ 初となる地域ガイドブック「ゴ・エ・ミヨガイド北陸」が先日ついに発刊されました! 北陸地域の食にまつわる様々なプロフェッショナルを紹介していて、我々、ワトム農園も掲載していただいております! ぜひ、書店、Amazonなどで!

Gault&Millau guidebook [Hokuriku] is now on sale. This first regional guidebook of Gault&Millau introduces various professionals about foods and gourmet in Hokuriku region, including us, “WaTom” fortunately. Please buy at bookshop or Amazon.

Let’s enjoy the dish with WaTom vegetables !

A cold winter has come. Our farm has a lot of unique vegetables.

I am very much looking forward to cooking these vegetables.

Please enjoy the dish using the characteristics and color of each vegetable.

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Tomato! Tomato! Magical tomatoes!

On our farms the harvest of tomatoes was at its peak. I think this situation will last until the end of the year. Our staff began their busy days.

To deliver delicious “magical tomatoes” to everyone who ordered, we are doing our best everyday. Please look forward to the day the tomatoes are […]



ヤフー!ショッピング・ワトム店では、 「まほうのトマト」「恐竜のたまご(R)」「アメイジング ガスパチョ」など、 ワトム農園の商品受付を6月1日より開始いたしました。



Green Tourism event was held 2

At the thanksgiving festival, there are so many dishes using WaTom’s vegetables.

The point of this event is that everyone can participate in making salad or other dishes. We are glad to see everybody enjoying the event.


Green Tourism event was held

Our annual green tourism event “Planting sweet potatoes and thanksgiving festival” was held on last weekend.

We are glad to have foreign guests which is the first time on the events.


The harvest of Dinosaur grape is started.

It becomes a serious problem about fading color of grape, especially red one, in every localities of Japan, because of summer heat. However, ours is well-colored as we have taken a countermeasure against the severe heat.

Our grape is juicy, fresh and sweet, but the size is a little small in this year. Of course, […]

Summer of the “magical tomato”

“Magical tomato” has changed from July to summer tomatoes. It is growing vigorously in the intense heat.

Summer tomato feature is sweet, and a juicy fruit pulp. In addition, bright and a glossy appearance is very beautiful.

Is it currently sold Fukui direct sale place “Kineya” & “A-coopMiyuki” Tokyo “Fukui MinamiAoyama291” & “Fukui […]

In decorated the store vegetables, customers will feel the spring.


ご来店されたお客様に  春を感じてもらいたいと  WaTom2号が  飾り付けました。


大きな葉のケールで全体を包み サンゴケールやチーマディラーパをあしらい 春らしい飾りつけ。

veg.yardさんで  華やかで  ワクワクする  WaTom野菜のディスプレイが  お客様をお迎えしています。







収穫し続けてきた  トレヴィーゾやバリエガータは終盤



全ての種類が揃うのは  一年のうち、この時期だけです。

色々なケール達も加わり  とても華やかです。

全種のリーフチコリ達が揃う期間は短かく 最も美しい  WaTom野菜の季節を  是非お楽しみ下さい。