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I am enjoying WaTom’s summer vegetable dinner.

Summer vegetables include tomato, zucchini, cauliflower, kohlrabi etc.

These are delicious seasons.

Yesterday, the chef asked me “Do you have any vegetables suitable for meat dishes?”

I cooked cheese grilled zucchini and sautee of kohlrabi.

Please enjoy WaTom’s summer vegetable dishes dinner.

・ ・ ・

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Halloween enjoy with WaTom’s vegetable dish.

When the temperature goes down, it will be a colorful vegetable season.

We decorate the dishes with these vegetables.

”WaTom’s colorful vegetables and zucchini grilled dishes”

Please enjoy Halloween with WaTom vegetables.

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I made soup of ”magical tomato” with pumpkin cocotte.

I bought pumpkin cocotto for Halloween. Last night, I used this cocotto and made soup.

Materials used spare ribs, zucchini, carrots, lotus root, mushrooms, onion.

It was very delicious and I was satisfied.

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Many kinds of lettuce cultivate our farm.

These harvests have approached.

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Delicious recipes of fresh potatoes

I got a fresh potato from a close farmer.

It is a lot of quantity, so I made gratin dishes.

Materials include potatoes, kales, smoked sausages, olives. And I used Gorgonzola cheese and natural cheese.

Fresh potatoes have good compatibility with cheese, good texture of kale, it was very delicious […]

Please cook delicious dishes with WaTom vegetables vol,3.

The season became spring and warm days increased.

WaTom ‘s winter vegetables are also final.

Until the next winter, these vegetables will be goodbye.

I’m looking forward to seeing these winter vegetables next winter.

I am enjoying a delicious meal with winter vegetables which became final.

And we start spring vegetable harvest […]

Please cook delicious dishes with Watomu vegetables vol,2.

The weather is still cold and snowing in the season, Spring has begun little by little in agricultural houses.

Winter vegetables are preparing to make the flowers bloom. Spring vegetables grew faster.

On the farm, it became a season that changed from winter vegetables to spring vegetables.

We cook with these vegetables and enjoy […]

I made pickles with colorful root vegetables

The third colorful radish harvest of this season began.

The varieties which started harvesting are  ”red radish”  ”red meat”  ”purple radish”  ”wasabi radish”.

In addition to the colorful radish, we used colorful carrots and cauliflower for the pickles we made this time.

It is easy to make, boil water mixed with vinegar and […]

Purple soup made with purple vegetables

I made soup using beautifully colored purple vegetables.

Material vegetables ・Violet Frill Kale ・Purple carrot ・Leaf chicory ・Mushroom ・Onion Soup is seasoned with vegetable broth.

The purple frill kale turns green when heated. The finished soup is dark purple, people who eat will be surprised. This color is the color of polyphenols.


Please make delicious dishes with WaTom vegetables.

We are currently harvesting many kinds of vegetables on our farm. The season with many snowy weather days continues.

In this season the growth of vegetables slows down and the color becomes beautiful.

Also, the photosynthesis activity of the vegetables decreases and the taste becomes delicious.

We cook with these vegetables and […]

The activity of Fukui city called “Veggie First”.

I make it a habit to eat a lot of vegetables at breakfast.

Also, by first eating vegetables it becomes healthy. This is the activity of Fukui city called “Veggie First”. Suppressing the sudden rise in blood glucose level by first eating vegetables. Vegetable soup is suitable for eating a lot of vegetables. Every […]