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Borage’s flowers are very beautiful in blue color and bloom a lot.

Many edible flowers bloom in spring.

Borage is most beautiful from spring to summer. And many flowers bloom.

Many other edible flowers are blooming on our farm. Your cuisine will be more beautiful with WaTom’s edible flower.

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The edible flower began to bloom.

The edible flower began to bloom. Lots of snow fell in February has disappeared. Many plants withered in cold weather. But now it recovers.

In the agricultural facility, edible flowers began to bloom earlier. We grow many kinds of it this year too. They are colorful and very beautiful.


Edible flower salad

A blue viola bloomed a little.

This season before Christmas is still early in the season of edible flower.

It is scheduled that the harvest will become full scale  from January to February next year.

We are looking forward to it...

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We started harvesting autumn and winter vegetables.

We grow many vegetables this year.

Their cultivation will last from this autumn to next spring.

Since there are many kinds of cultivated items, I will introduce it from time to time.

Please cook a wonderful dish with WaTom vegetables.

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The summer edible flowers are in full bloom.

The summer edible flowers are in full bloom.

The spring edible flower became the final stage, and summer flowers began to bloom.

They are colorful and they will decorate the dishes you make beautifully.

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The summer edible flower began to bloom.

The summer edible flower is a beautiful color, and good fragrance is a feature.

On our farm this year we adopted many new varieties.

WaTom’s edible flower, which has become more and more sophisticated, makes cuisine and sweets even more gorgeous.

The top image of the pic […]

The season is spring when flowers bloom.

Many edible flowers are blooming on our farm. Spring flowers are unique and very beautiful.

You should decorate the dishes beautifully in our edible flower.

Please watch the type and color of the flowers in youtube. → ※


Improve the package of borage

Freshness of Edible flower becomes lowered when the temperature is high. Especially its of borage goes bad so quickly due to the thin petals.

In order to solve the problem, we made some improvements.

・ The height of the vessel becomes lower. ・ Lost a hole of the package for ventilation . ・ Changed […]

Full bloom of edible flowers

Currently, the farm has become a beautiful flower garden.

There were only two types, yellow nasturtium and blue borage, when we started edible flowers. Kinds of flowers has been increased every year, and now there are more than 10 kinds.

Enjoy a beautiful cuisine with our edible flowers.


Edible flower 2016 vol.4

春のエディブルフラワー達が 咲き揃いました。

宿根で復活  今年も咲き揃いました。

今年、 バリエーションを増やした花々

ベルベットレッドやレトロアイボリーなどの 新色も増えました


可愛くて美しい  WaTomのエディブルで  お楽しみ下さい。