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2018 5月 « WaTom Blog
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WaTom’s summer vegetable season begins

n our farm this year we grow many kinds of summer vegetables.

Magical tomato, purple cauliflower, big kohlrabi, unusual form of zucchini

Magical tomato starts harvesting for the first time today.

They are still irregular in size and shape because of the initial stage, but will stabilize in the future.

The […]

Red coloring of Magical Tomato began.

Harvest is scheduled to start from a few days later.

The growth of tomatoes is going well, and many yields can be expected. The season of Magical Tomato starts again this year.

WaTom’s web shop will soon be on sale. Please apply.

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Introducing Watom by television broadcasting

Broadcast from NHK fukui on May 21 at 18:10

Our delicious vegetables are introduced.






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The zucchini harvest starts on our farm

Summer vegetable season began. Zucchini started harvesting first.

Besides popular green and yellow, these types are abundant, there are stars, round shapes, crookneck shapes.

The characteristics of zucchini we grow are: · Fresh and juicy · Skin is thin and soft · There is no seed

These became very delicious.

Salad […]