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2018 4月 « WaTom Blog
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This year also artichokes harvest has started.

The start of harvesting will be a little earlier than usual.

It will last for about a month.

Characteristics of artichokes cultivated by us are many colorful and rare forms.

These are precious vegetables for now. Everyone, please try challenging cooking.

・ ・ ・

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Borage’s flowers are very beautiful in blue color and bloom a lot.

Many edible flowers bloom in spring.

Borage is most beautiful from spring to summer. And many flowers bloom.

Many other edible flowers are blooming on our farm. Your cuisine will be more beautiful with WaTom’s edible flower.

・ ・ ・

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Gault&Millau guide Hokuriku2018

【Gault&Millau guide Hokuriku2018】 ゴ・エ・ミヨ 初となる地域ガイドブック「ゴ・エ・ミヨガイド北陸」が先日ついに発刊されました! 北陸地域の食にまつわる様々なプロフェッショナルを紹介していて、我々、ワトム農園も掲載していただいております! ぜひ、書店、Amazonなどで!

Gault&Millau guidebook [Hokuriku] is now on sale. This first regional guidebook of Gault&Millau introduces various professionals about foods and gourmet in Hokuriku region, including us, “WaTom” fortunately. Please buy at bookshop or Amazon.