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2018 2月 « WaTom Blog
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Assorted WaTom’s vegetables

The season of winter europe vegetables has approached the end. When spring comes, vegetables such as Kale, Reef chicory and cabbage blossom all at once. They store nutrition in the leaves until just before they can bud.

At this time the vegetables are the most beautiful. I made a Assorted baskets with this beautiful […]

Puntarella tells us that spring has come.

The season for harvesting of Puntarella started this year as well.

It is of good quality, the stems are finely divided from the stock’s stock in many.

The pale green color is juicy with less bitterness.

Everyone please feel the spring by eating Puntarella.

・ ・ ・

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We are waiting for the spring season to begin.

The cold weather continues on the farm. This year,  the amount of snowfall is record-high,   we are snow removing the agricultural facilities every day.

The season next month is March. The spring season is approaching. Currently vegetables are enduring cold. They are beautiful and very tasty.

While we wait for spring, we […]

Frill Kale is a healthy vegetable.

Since we began agriculture, we have cultivated Frill Kale.

This vegetable is strongly popular in the USA, Hawaii, Europe, Australia and elsewhere.

The reason is that it is rich in nutrition and tasty. In Japan, however, people’s popularity is low.

Recently, restaurants and health-conscious people eat it.

We also eat Frill Kale […]

Fukui is in a heavy snow disaster, but let’s do our best !

The snow which began descending from February 4,  now also accumulated 1 m 50 cm.

Many traffic have been continues to stop.

I am worried about the condition of the farm, but it is impossible to move in the car.

We are waiting for this situation to improve.

Although we are in disaster, […]

Micro size vegetables

Snow fell on the farm, dark and cold days continue. Many vegetables are lagging behind due to low temperature and insufficient sunshine. However, growth of micro size vegetables is going well.

We devised a special method and successfully cultivated these vegetables. I plan to increase the variety in the future.

In the […]

“Puntarelle” teaches that the spring season is coming soon.

We harvested European vegetables Puntarelle on our farm. This year is also good quality.

The taste of this vegetable is characterized by faint bitterness and good texture.

Although you may think of traditional Italian cooking methods, The recommended cooking method is Wasyoku. We enjoyed at tenpura and aemono.

Please challenge Wasyoku for […]