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WaTom’s Sydney study tour ( farm & organic )

We went to Sydney for a study trip.
Sydney in January was hot summer in summer, the temperature in the city during the day was 30 ℃.
As I went to the inland part, the temperature was as high as 40 ° C.
Our training objective was to visit Australia’s agriculture.

・      Warrah Farm   http://www.warrah.org/warrah-farm

Agriculture mainly visited vegetable cultivation, dairy farming and winery.
And I went to a cafe or restaurant using agricultural products and enjoyed meals.

In Sydney’s supermarket a lot of easy-to-cook ingredients were sold.
Household dishes are many foods that can be easily cooked.

We went to the farm and decided to see the ingredients being cultivated.
Also, I saw agricultural products selling at the farmers’ market.

People who are admired of health care have purchased organic grown vegetables at the farmers’ market.
Currently Australia has popular foods and products that have been certified organic.

People’s health consciousness is high, the Australian government organizes accreditation organizations
and encourages public awareness of health management.

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