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2017 10月 « WaTom Blog
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Halloween enjoy with WaTom’s vegetable dish.

When the temperature goes down, it will be a colorful vegetable season.

We decorate the dishes with these vegetables.

”WaTom’s colorful vegetables and zucchini grilled dishes”

Please enjoy Halloween with WaTom vegetables.

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Lettuce Lettuce new Lettuce !

Autumn and winter lettuce was delicious and grew beautifully.

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Harvest of magical tomatoes from fall to winter began.

This tomato planted seedlings in the summer and raised it.

Cultivation is very difficult, but they endured the heat and brought much fruit. Ripened tomatoes are very juicy and sweet, the most delicious ever.

Please enjoy the WaTom’s original brand “magical tomato”.

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We started harvesting autumn and winter vegetables.

We grow many vegetables this year.

Their cultivation will last from this autumn to next spring.

Since there are many kinds of cultivated items, I will introduce it from time to time.

Please cook a wonderful dish with WaTom vegetables.

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Michelin guide 1 star restaurant Chef of Tokyo Suzunari visited Watom’s farm.

Suzunari is a Japanese style restaurant.

The Murata chef saw many kinds of vegetables interestingly, and asked me a lot of questions. What kind of taste does this vegetable have? What is the best cooking method for this vegetable?

After the visit, we did hospitality with cooking cooked with WaTom vegetables.


We had a party “Watom农场招待 2017年10月6日” with overseas guests.

Guests came to Japan for sightseeing trips from company in Dalian, China.

They visited our farm on the last day of the trip.

We held a welcome party with gratitude. When I saw the customers’ joy and laughing face, we were very happy. Thank you everyone.

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October 1 We held harvest festival with sweet potato seedling owners.

They planted seedlings in June but the condition was bad this year due to the hot summer heat etc.

I managed to get the harvest somehow with your understanding and warmingness.I was worried about growing sweet potatoes but they were enjoying everyone with a smile. (Some people digging hard for it …)

After […]