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2017 9月 « WaTom Blog
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I made soup of ”magical tomato” with pumpkin cocotte.

I bought pumpkin cocotto for Halloween. Last night, I used this cocotto and made soup.

Materials used spare ribs, zucchini, carrots, lotus root, mushrooms, onion.

It was very delicious and I was satisfied.

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Many kinds of lettuce cultivate our farm.

These harvests have approached.

Video is here ⇒ ※

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The supporting vegetables will make the dishes even more beautiful.

There are many kind of supporting vegetables, for example “Pink Leaf”. This vegetable is still harvested when it is young.

“Melon and tomato carpaccho”

The young pink reef makes the food beautiful.

Harvest of autumn colorful tomato also started.

“Salad of colorful tomatoes”

Please enjoy vegetable dishes at our supporting vegetables.


The harvest of “Magical Tomatoes” in autumn is at its peak.

WaTom’s tomato has become the most delicious season in a year.

Many people think, Tomato said the summer season is delicious. However, the tomato that harvest is actually the most delicious from autumn to winter.

 ※Ranking is the result of August 2017.

The reason is that the lower the temperature, the longer […]