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2017 8月 « WaTom Blog
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The harvest of the dinosaur’s grapes begins.

The characteristic of this rare grape is a large grain and there is no seed. It is even more sweet and fresh.

This grape is sold at the farm direct “Kineya” sale place in Fukui city.

Please eat the WaTom dinosaur’s grape.

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WaTom was introduced by monthly “fu”.

Fukui newspaper monthly information magazine “fu” September 2017 issue is published today. The title of this special feature article is “With love from the farm”. A lot of WaTom’s vegetables are introduced on the page.

The reporter searched for fun vegetables and delicious vegetables,  visited farmers in Fukui prefecture and interviewed.

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Michelin Guide Food Festival 2017 in Yokohama


Michelin Guide Food Festival 2017 in Yokohama, A courtesy visit to “Pizzeria Parentesi” !

It is being held at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse from August 17th to 20th 【Michelin Guide Food Festival 2017 in Yokohama】.

We asked greetings to Pizzeria Paren Tessi and Reach stock, which is open.

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“Dinosaur’s egg” is a sweet melon with a new texture.

Its characteristics are: Size is large, pleasant chewy texture And, the sugar content is high and it is very sweet. In Japan, it is very rare melon which only we cultivate. For eating, cut it and eat it as it is.

Eating is good, so even if you cook it is delicious.

Melon […]