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2017 6月 « WaTom Blog
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Purple cauliflower in summer is beautiful.

A full-scale rainy season continues on the farm. In Japan this season called “plum rain”, the plant grows big. However, humidity is so high that it is an unpleasant season for humans.

Since it is not influenced by rain in cultivation facilities, vegetables are beautifully colored and grow freshly.

We started harvesting […]

The harvest time of “Dinosaurs egg Ⓡ” has come close.

This is a huge melon of WaTom original which grew big this year.

People who get this melon will be amazed by the size and taste of it. It is now the final stage to raise the sugar content.

Currently, we accept reservations for “Dinosaurs egg Ⓡ” best suited for summer gifts. ⇒ […]

Tomato! Tomato! Magical tomatoes!

On our farms the harvest of tomatoes was at its peak. I think this situation will last until the end of the year. Our staff began their busy days.

To deliver delicious “magical tomatoes” to everyone who ordered, we are doing our best everyday. Please look forward to the day the tomatoes are […]

We began harvesting summer cauliflower “Romanesco”.

Romanesco is difficult to cultivate in hot seasons. The reason for this is that spoilage and insect damage due to sunburn are likely to occur.

In our cultivation facility, we adjust to avoid receiving strong sunlight and take measures to prevent invasion of pests. They grew beautiful, fresh and tasty this year as […]

Magical tomato became delicious

When plants of tomato grow thick and taller, many nutrients are conveyed from the leaves and it becomes delicious.

They have grown in June, as the temperature rises and they receive a lot of sunshine and grow strongly.

Characteristics of Magical tomato are as follows. · High sugar content · No […]

King size kohlrabi

In Japan, the size of kohlrabi is generally about 100 g to 500 g.

The things we cultivation are very large, unlike them.

The weight is 1 kg, and the larger one is 2 kg.

Furthermore, the flesh is juicy, sweet and delicious.

People who visit our farm are surprised […]

We began harvesting summer leaf chicory.

Cultivation of leaf chicory is generally done in winter.

The reason is that the color of vegetables improves and it is beautiful.

In addition, taste has less bitterness and texture is good.

When these are cultivated in hot summer,  due to strong sunlight and high temperature,  anthocyanin is not formed and it […]

The summer edible flowers are in full bloom.

The summer edible flowers are in full bloom.

The spring edible flower became the final stage, and summer flowers began to bloom.

They are colorful and they will decorate the dishes you make beautifully.

  please contact us ↓


Harvest of summer root vegetables began.

On our farm we began harvesting summer root vegetables.

Root vegetables are colorful, fresh and delicious.

Please eat nutritious rich WaTom’s summer root vegetables.

 For details, please contact us ↓




ヤフー!ショッピング・ワトム店では、 「まほうのトマト」「恐竜のたまご(R)」「アメイジング ガスパチョ」など、 ワトム農園の商品受付を6月1日より開始いたしました。