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2017 5月 « WaTom Blog
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The zucchini became a delicious season.

Summer vegetables where harvesting began at first is zucchini.

Its type is elongated shape and UFO shape. The colors are green, yellow and white types.

And crookneck type newly appeared this year.

The characteristic of zucchini we grow is that the skin is soft and juicy. And there is no seed.


The harvest of artichoke has reached its peak.

A popular artichoke season for many people has come to the end. It is common for these to harvest flower buds that grew big. But on our farm we harvest before growing big.

The reason for this is that when the fluff begins to form inside, the fresh feeling disappears. Please eat […]

The summer edible flower began to bloom.

The summer edible flower is a beautiful color, and good fragrance is a feature.

On our farm this year we adopted many new varieties.

WaTom’s edible flower, which has become more and more sophisticated, makes cuisine and sweets even more gorgeous.

The top image of the pic […]

Watom’s summer lettuces and mustard leafs began harvesting.

Lettuces of early summer is also this year as well.

These are very fresh, good texture.

For details, please contact us.


Delicious recipes of fresh potatoes

I got a fresh potato from a close farmer.

It is a lot of quantity, so I made gratin dishes.

Materials include potatoes, kales, smoked sausages, olives. And I used Gorgonzola cheese and natural cheese.

Fresh potatoes have good compatibility with cheese, good texture of kale, it was very delicious […]