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2017 3月 « WaTom Blog
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Please cook delicious dishes with WaTom vegetables vol,3.

The season became spring and warm days increased.

WaTom ‘s winter vegetables are also final.

Until the next winter, these vegetables will be goodbye.

I’m looking forward to seeing these winter vegetables next winter.

I am enjoying a delicious meal with winter vegetables which became final.

And we start spring vegetable harvest […]


食のイベント第2回『 まちなか食ゼミ 旨福大学 』が クッチーナで開催されます!

日時・・・・3月19日(日) 12:00~14:00(開場11:30) 参加費・・・1,500円 定員・・・・30人(先着順)

≪第2回まちなか食ゼミ≫ 旨福大学×田中淳也 Vol.02 福井とイタリアンの出会い

~ワトム農園の野菜を中心にしたイタリア料理~ 福井を感じるメニューを提供ということで、 ワトム農園産の旬のイタリア野菜を使った、 こんなメニューをご用意いたします。

お申込み、お問い合わせは、 福井駅前五商店街連合活性化協議会 (担当 阿部)さんまで TEL0776-63-6794です。

急な告知ではありますが、 皆様の参加をお待ちしております。 お問い合わせはクッチーナでも受付ております。 TEL0776-24-8803

The season is spring when flowers bloom.

Many edible flowers are blooming on our farm. Spring flowers are unique and very beautiful.

You should decorate the dishes beautifully in our edible flower.

Please watch the type and color of the flowers in youtube. → ※


Indivia resumed cultivation.

We cultivated indivia several years ago The timing of cultivation was bad, so the taste was bitter and could not be made delicious. I had given up cultivation for several years.

However, since I learned about new varieties and cultivation methods last summer, I started cultivating again. The condition of delicious indivia… · Do […]

We began harvesting radicchio rosso di treviso tardivo.

Leaf chicory’s most exclusive vegetable tartivo began harvesting.

This year I have been growing well because I have increased organic fertilizer. As future warmer days increase, the coloring will be poor, so we plan to harvest early.

Please contact me as soon as possible.


WaTom’s website has been renewed.

This new homepage is It supports display on smartphones and tablet terminals. In addition, English display is also supported by selecting “EN” on the upper right.

On this new homepage Next WaTom related page can be seen.

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