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2017 1月 « WaTom Blog
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Leaf cicoria “variegata di chioggia”

The characteristic of this leaf chicory is a leaf with beautiful contrast between white and red. Leaves are thick and roundish and they are very fresh.

The color contrast depends on the individual.

Please enjoy with “chicory salad” mixed with other chicory and lettuce.




Leaf chicory Catalogna

When cultivating Puntarella, occasionally flower buds may not come out. This is called “Catalogna”, it is a type of leaf chicory.

This vegetable cooks and eats young leaves on the inside. Also, you can eat Puntarella leaves as well. The type of dish ·Omelette ·gratin ·pizza ·soup ·pasta ·salad and wasyoku “sukiyaki”,”nabe”

The use […]

Reef chicory that resembles a big flower

Rossa di Verona Precoce resembles a red flower that blooms largely. It starts harvesting this season when it becomes the most severe cold.

The characteristic of this chicory is that the center getheres roundly like petals. It is very beautiful vegetable which is rare among leaf chicories. The harvest time is normally between February […]

The harvest of leaf chicory is at its peak

Reaf chicory is the most beautiful in this period of midwinter.

・Treviso Precoche whit the beautiful color contrast between red and white. ・Variegata di Chioggia with beautiful red spots. ・Castel Franco with red spots on light yellow-green leaves.

There are many other unusual leaf chicories and it is beautifully coloring our farm. WaTom’s […]

Please make delicious dishes with WaTom vegetables.

We are currently harvesting many kinds of vegetables on our farm. The season with many snowy weather days continues.

In this season the growth of vegetables slows down and the color becomes beautiful.

Also, the photosynthesis activity of the vegetables decreases and the taste becomes delicious.

We cook with these vegetables and […]

The harvest of fennel finocchio was at its peak.

Finocchio of this year is very beautiful. It grew white, juicy, and big body. You will be fascinated by good fragrance and texture.

Recommended recipes are: ・ Finocchio and orange salad

・ Braised soup with beef and Finocchio

・ Sardin salad with Puntarelle(Asparagus Chicory) and Finocchio

Please enjoy a wonderful […]

A happy new year.

The day on Fukui was a calm weather.

Using many vegetables harvested on our farms, we celebrated the beginning of a new year at the Japanese traditional cuisine “Osechi”.

And we decided to cultivate a lot of beautiful delicious vegetables this year too.

I pray that everyone is a good year. Thank […]