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2016 12月 « WaTom Blog
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The harvest of Puntarella has begun.

We began harvesting Puntarella famous as a vegetable telling the spring in Italy.

It harvests from February to March every year, but this year the harvest began from early December. Given the experience cultivated in the past, cultivation methods and temperature control became possible and early harvesting became possible. Puntarella at this time is […]

Colorful cauliflowers are completed

The cauliflower aimed to harvest at Christmas time or New Year have been completed. The Hard, tight and a good sized Flower buds is very fresh.

Color and shape versions are as follows. · Purple · Yellow · Green · White · Romanesco


The “green kale” has become tasty.

We focused on the deliciousness of green kale and started growing about 10 years ago.

In general, Kale is a bitter impression that is not delicious, it is “aoziru-kale”. The leaves are hard and it is hard to cook, it is “cavolo nero”. “Green kale” we grow is a not bitter taste and […]

The harvest of winter vegetables is now at its peak.

We have prepared for Christmas season as cultivating many winter vegetables. The growth of these were well and becomes beautiful and tasty. We are now harvesting.

There are many people got involved with our vegetables, in wholesaling, in retailing and also in cooking. At many restaurants, our vegetables will be turned into delicious cuisine […]

Tree kale harvest has begun.

Recent weather forecast have often shown the snow sign. The lower the temperature is, the more deeply colored the vegetables become, and also the more delicious the taste becomes.

Tree kale also becomes more beautiful in color.

There are two color versions of them.

We take only small leaves in the […]

The activity of Fukui city called “Veggie First”.

I make it a habit to eat a lot of vegetables at breakfast.

Also, by first eating vegetables it becomes healthy. This is the activity of Fukui city called “Veggie First”. Suppressing the sudden rise in blood glucose level by first eating vegetables. Vegetable soup is suitable for eating a lot of vegetables. Every […]