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2016 9月 « WaTom Blog
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Harvest of the final tomato “Autumn to winter” is begun.

Harvest of tomato “early autumn” is almost finished. And at the same time, harvest of final tomato ”late autumn to winter” has been begun.

Late autumn is one of the best season for tomato because the climate, slightly cold night and warm day, makes tomato delicious. It is condensed that tomato stores nutrients at […]

Newly bought a pot …

I bought a pot which I had wanted for ages. The pot is tomato shaped red cocotte. This beautiful form is cute and my favorite.

We made a bouillabaisse with this pot. It became very delicious soup with rich flavors of shrimp, fish and Magical tomato. This will be an one of the served […]

Get the health to the”Veggie First”

The city government of Fukui is now making a campaign called “Veggie-first”, as we informed that our vegetables were used for the ambassador appointment ceremony in last month.

The purpose of campaign is to prevent from lifestyle-related diseases; Diabetes, Arteriosclerosis, Obesity, Hyperlipidemia, High blood pressure and Dementia. Instruction method is simple; eat ① vegetables ② […]

We participated in Fukui city Festa.

There was a local CATV’s festival at the center of Fukui city in last weekend and there was also a farmer’s market held which we attended.

We sold “Magical tomato” and “Dinosaur Grapes”. The “Dino Grapes” are already washed and eatable immediately.

There were many people came, “Dino Grape” were sold […]