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2016 8月 « WaTom Blog
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As summer goes by,

We have been busy for everyday’s work since end of May. The hottest summer ever has almost passed by at last, we are free from farmers busy season finally.

Meals tended to be simple during busy season and It was difficult to make the dishes taking time.

It has been a while that I was […]

Colorful corn

These corn harvested in July have been dried nearly one month under the sunlight. These are colorful corns, Yellow, Red, White, Black, and rainbow colored. They are all each unique.

You can eat it as popcorn.

There are two types of corn for popcorn, “butterfly-type” and “mushroom type”. Butterfly type is rather common […]

The harvest of Dinosaur grape is started.

It becomes a serious problem about fading color of grape, especially red one, in every localities of Japan, because of summer heat. However, ours is well-colored as we have taken a countermeasure against the severe heat.

Our grape is juicy, fresh and sweet, but the size is a little small in this year. Of course, […]