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2016 7月 « WaTom Blog
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Dinosaur Grapes

The season of the grape will be started soon.

There are many kinds of grapes here and these grapes bear a lot of fruits. Color types are red, black,and green. You can please enjoy each taste.

Features of our grapes, – a large grain – very sweet – no-seeds – skin […]

Herbs in summer

We have planted new variety of herbs in this summer. They are refreshing fragrance. A new herbs are Oregano, Chervil, and Sage. These fit very well with tomato dishes.

There are many kinds of sage, but the ones that started the cultivation are ・Cherry Sage ・Fruit Sage ・Pineapple Sage ・Tricolor Sage


Sales of began to the “amazing gazpacho” .

Debuted in 2014 is now in the fourth year. A variety of colorful tomatos is ripe, began the production of gazpacho.

· Chili Red · Basil Green · Lemon Yellow · Peach Pink · Chocolat Brown

As it is to juice the beautiful colors of the tomatos It finished in amazing flavors. Which […]

Summer of the “magical tomato”

“Magical tomato” has changed from July to summer tomatoes. It is growing vigorously in the intense heat.

Summer tomato feature is sweet, and a juicy fruit pulp. In addition, bright and a glossy appearance is very beautiful.

Is it currently sold Fukui direct sale place “Kineya” & “A-coopMiyuki” Tokyo “Fukui MinamiAoyama291” & “Fukui […]

Shipment of dinosaur’s eggs began.

Dinosaur’s eggs began to harvest in late June. This year is a record high of workmanship. Size is very large, good texture, it was sweet.

It requires a ripening, after two weeks of color skin to turn yellow. If yellow be eaten.

Dinosaur’s eggs is our original. In Japan, only it is growing.