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2016 6月 « WaTom Blog
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We have started shipping of the “Color Tomato Collection”.

Variety of Superb Colored tomatoes mature and we started the shipping WaTom’s original brand “Color Tomato Collection”in this year.

We have now grown more than 20 kinds of colored tomatoes, such as yellow, green, black, brown, blue, white, red, pink and more. Form, size, pattern of these tomatoes are also unique.

The […]

Recipes of the “magical tomato”

Recipes of the “magical tomato” has been broadcast in 10:23 and 17:23 on June 30 from June 16 in Fukui cable TV.

Recipe is Ahijo. Ahijo is a Spanish cuisine that is currently prevalent. For more details, it has been featured in the blog of Fukui cable TV. You should look at. http://fctv5ch.mitelog.jp/toretate_tsukuritate/2016/06/post-9ec2.html


Shipping of “Magical tomato” has been started.

As the taste and quality of “Magical tomato” become stable, we harvest tomatoes almost everyday.

Basically, harvested tomatoes will be shipped on same day, and you will receive it next day. (Some areas may be delayed due to transportation.)

Please enjoy fresh, sweet and juicy taste of “Magical Tomato”.

You could buy […]

“Magical tomato” will be featured in Cable Television.

Tomatoes have ripened red, celebrated its delicious season. There was a recording interview of “Magical Tomato” by local cable TV company. It was a fine day taken at the beginning of June.

The TV program’s title is “Toretate, Tsukuritate” which means “Just harvested and just cooked”. Among the show, a lecturer of […]

Cultivation situation of “dinosaur’s egg Ⓡ”Melon

Dinosaur’s egg melons have been grown steadily.

The Melon’s weight becomes about 3 kg and its skin has covered with net. Harvest is scheduled for two weeks after.

Dinosaur’s eggs have been accepting the current reservation. Please click the following URL orders and queries.

・Mitsukoshi Isetan mail order:⇒※ ・WaTom web shop:⇒※



Reservation of Dinosaur’s eggs has been began in Mitsukoshi online

This reservation has been started in Mitsukoshi Isetan mail order “delicious communication 2016 Summer”.

It was considered that it would be impossible to grow this type of melon in Japan because the climate is completely different between Middle Asia and Japan. As we have challenged to grow the melon nearly 10 years, we have […]

Planting experience of Sweet potato -2016 early summer

We invited our friends and some customers to our exciting event of plating experience of sweet potato. They planted seedlings of sweet potato named “Mitsuimo (Honey sweet)”,our own product name, and “Kintoki”, ordinary potato”. Hopefully they will harvest their big and delicious sweet potatoes about four month later.

We had an early summer’s […]

Gault & Millau JAPON 2016 tour in Hokuriku

A commemorated workshop for a newly publication of “Gault & Millau ” Japan version , which focuses on Tokyo and HOKURIKU area, was held in Kanazawa city. “Gault & Millau” is one of the best restaurants’ guidebook in the world and especially has a strong influence in France.

During the workshop, five talented Chefs […]