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2016 5月 « WaTom Blog
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Growth of grapes is well

It has been busy for agricultural routine everyday. As we repeatedly worked for pollination, thinning fruit out and pruning, berries has become larger.

Please look forward to the WaTom’s grapes which are seedless, large sized, sweet and eatable skin (some of them).

Harvest is going to be at the beginning of August.


Start the harvest of “Magical tomato”

Harvest of “Magical Tomato” has just been begun in this year.

It is started about one week lately compare to the last year’s season. It is because of the further evolution of cultivation method. The method, we name the “stress-free cultivation”, is our unique method.

Tomato become more delicious. WaTom’s Yahoo! shopping store, […]

Flowers of sage are in full bloom

Common sage flowers bloomed.

It would open so many beautiful and lavender colored flowers from spring until early summer.

Sage is also known as salvia with an alias. I think it is because the ways of flowering and shape are similar. There are so many types of Sage in the world, basically distinguished as […]

Italian vegetables of early summer

Harvest of Italian vegetables in early summer has been began.

Vegetables which currently started the harvest are White cauliflower, Romanesco, Giant Kohlrabi and Finocchio.

The harvest of leaf chicory, Rossa di Treviso precoce and Castelfranco, and Zucchini have been already begun. Colorful radish are sold out. The harvest of magical […]

“Amazing Gazpacho” in “6th-AFFrinnovation”

“Amazing Gazpacho” has been introduced in “AFFrinnovation -6th Industrialization of Agriculture”.

Cold tomato soup “Amazing Gazpacho”, which was developed accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in two years ago, has been introduced in “AFFrinnovation -6th Industrialization of Agriculture”.

The new English version is now published. For the purpose of […]

Early summer of leaf chicory

We have challenged to grow summer leaf chicory since last year. In last year, we successfully grew Rossa di Treviso precoce and we, in this year, are trying to grow Variegata di Castelfranco also.

Normally it is considered that it is unable to grow a leaf chicory when temperature is high because chlorophyll will […]

Enjoyed Young beets

There are three of the seedlings out of the one beet seed. Thus, we need to thin seedlings out to the one as it grows. Growing seedling has already a soft and rich flavor beet.

We cooked Young beets for the dinner. ※Grilled young beets and root vegetables Grilled beets are softened and increase […]

Cultivation of melon “dinosaur’s egg” in this year

The cultivation of huge melons “dinosaur eggs” has been already started in this year.

Melon’s seedlings have been grown enough to be pollinated as two months passed when seeded. There are several female flowers yesterday and we started pollinating the tiny beautiful flowers.

Cultivation of the “dinosaur eggs” is one of the most […]

Last harvest of white asparagus

Harvest of white asparagus has been lasted since early April. The harvest is about to finish as season of young buds for other woods is also about to finish.

Since the fifth year, the seedlings grow big enough. Thick young stems appear so many and it is plenty harvest this year.

Please enjoy […]