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2016 4月 « WaTom Blog
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Holiday is fun with home cooking

“Golden Week” long Holidays have just began. However, it starts with rains. In such a day, I spend a time on cooking.

・Edible flower salad

・Sauteed Zucchini, green onions and oyster leaves with Japanese source of Kelp and forests strawberry.

I also cooked other dishes and enjoyed the dinner of a leisurely […]

Please enjoy a variety of scent of herbs.

Our farm has grown up a lot of herbs, Basil, sage, fennel, coriander, marjoram, lavender, chamomile, etc.

These herbs make or improve the flavor of the cuisine and more, make you enjoy Tea Aroma and aromatherapy oil. Basil is for tomato, sage is for meat, fennel is for fish dishes. Marjoram […]

Spring lettuce has become the best

The types of Lettuce that we are currently grown are more than 10 kinds. The colors are various, such as red, green, dark or light. Shape and texture of the leaves are also various each other. Please contact us for more types.

Salad with mixed lettuces is colorfully beautiful and you can […]

Early summer vegetables, zucchini

We have just started the harvest of zucchini. It is the first harvest of summer vegetables.

Our zucchini has no seeds, taste is very juicy. In addition, you can eat all because of thin skin.


Delicious recipe is “baked zucchini with lemon and cheese”.

There is no need of seasoning, so it […]

Sales of Magical Tomato on “TOTTEOKIYA premium 2016”

The sales of Magical Tomato on “TOTTEOKIYA premium 2016” has also been started. You will receive famous tomatos in Japan once a month reguraly for four months .

Catalog of the claim is here. Reservations of Magical Tomato on “Dinos 2016 summer”and “MITSUKOSHI ・ ISETAN 2016 summer”, one of the biggest ONLINE shops in […]

Enjoy the classic artichokes

There are some types of artichoke we cultivate, sharp thorns, purple colored and normal one. We call these artichokes as ” classic artichoke” because these are close to the original species.

Following are the most popular recipes. ・”Frit carciofi alla giudia” ( the Jewish style) ・”Carciofi alla romana” (Roman style, cook in the oil)


kale smoothie for Breakfast

One of the popular vegetables in our farm is Kale. It is fresh, the taste is absolutely no bitterness, and leaves are finely well frilled.

In Japan, kale is imaged as “bitter” or “Not delicious”. However, it has been popular known as a vegetable to compensate for the health in North America and Europe.

One […]

My Kitchen Vegetables

It is the first introduction of vegetable plantings, so called “My Kitchen Vegetables”. These vegetables are all organic and safe.

We are sure that these beautiful vegetables and herbs will make you happy! The display can be seen in the restaurant “Veg.Yard”. Click here for details⇒※

We are now preparing to sell […]

Sales of Magical Tomato on “MITSUKOSHI・ISETAN 2016”

The sales of Magical Tomato on “MITSUKOSHI ・ ISETAN 2016 summer” has also been started.

See the digital catalog .


Reservations of Magical Tomato on “Dinos 2016 summer”, one of the biggest ONLINE shop in Japan, had been already started since March. From here is when you see the digital catalog .


Improve the package of borage

Freshness of Edible flower becomes lowered when the temperature is high. Especially its of borage goes bad so quickly due to the thin petals.

In order to solve the problem, we made some improvements.

・ The height of the vessel becomes lower. ・ Lost a hole of the package for ventilation . ・ Changed […]