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2016 3月 « WaTom Blog
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Spring leaf lettuce

There are more than 10 kinds lettuce, red and green, in the farm and the harvest would be in the mid of next month.

We grow these lettuces in our plastic greenhouse in order to prevent from pests and diseases.

These lettuce leaves are good fresh texture and very tasty.

We would like you […]

The sales of the “Magical Tomato”

Reservations for the “Magical Tomato” has been started in “Dinos 2016 summer”, one of the biggest ONLINE shop in Japan.

Please sign up as soon as possible. You may have to wait for a while as the delivering periods will be since June and it is a limited amount per a week.

From here […]

Artichokes has grown steadily.

It is now the fourth year of cultivation of Artichokes. There are various types of Artichokes in our farm and each color and shape is very beautiful (photos in May 2014). In late May, it will start putting out many buds. Harvest period is quite short in that month.

The most common cooking […]

Unique and rare herbs in WaTom’s farm

【Oyster plant (Mertensia maritima)】

It is an extremely rare and difficult plants to grow. You would taste a flavor of oyster with its thick leaves when you eat as raw. It has small blue flowers in summer time.


Harvested in early summer when it has white flowers. As the flowers and leaves […]

“Magical Tomato” started.

“Magical Tomato” grows steadily since we planted in last week, and flowers began to bloom already.

We started artificial fertilization yesterday. Magical tomato would be sweet and juicy about 55 days later.

I’m looking forward to the harvest day.




Sparkling herbal water of sweet marjoram.

Sweet marjoram is also used for cooking. Faintly feel the spicy, aroma warm.

We made a bottle of sparkling water, harvested shoots of growth and put into sparkling water. It is good for calming your mind with refreshing and sweet aroma.

In Greece, it is a symbol of happiness and also for […]

Harvest of purple cauliflower of late maturing.

Purple colored cauliflower is one of the most beautiful and popular vegetables in our farm’s products. We need to pay attention for harvesting it especially in spring because it may make its flowers quickly as it is getting warm.

We made dinner use this cauliflower.

We made a curry dinner using these cauliflowers.


Plates using a lot of beautiful spring vegetables.

Colorful salad with leaf chicory, edible flowers and rare leaves.

Grilld vegetables with colorful root vegetables and celeriac.

Steak of ahijo pot with frill kale.

We harvest a variety of vegetables on the farm. In these vegetables devised the cooking methods and seasoning, we enjoyed the cuisine of spring.




Full bloom of edible flowers

Currently, the farm has become a beautiful flower garden.

There were only two types, yellow nasturtium and blue borage, when we started edible flowers. Kinds of flowers has been increased every year, and now there are more than 10 kinds.

Enjoy a beautiful cuisine with our edible flowers.


WaTom supplied vegetables to the seminar by Narisawa.

On March 10, a seminar for professional chefs by NARISAWA​ shef was held in Fukui City. We provided vegetables for this seminar. We harvested a variety of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.

At the seminar, he made the cooking live performance and these vegetables were used.

Participants learned and got […]